In almost 15 years of operating in the business of integrated circuit design, SystematIC has learned how to best cater for customers in their need for electronic developments. The SystematIC design expertise and SystematIC design approach proves valuable in many applications, areas and markets. SystematIC delivers the analog and mixed-signal circuit designs that are needed to complete an IC product or application development and provide competitive specifications and/or unique functionality. We also provide turn-key solution for customers needing us to go from product idea to product definition and then to IC production.


Our customers are Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) as well as multinational Semiconductor Manufacturers. Whether you are from a large or a small company, in SystematIC you will find your partner for the development of analog and mixed-signal electronics. We respect all our customers, understand the differences in customer requirements and market approach, and are committed to finding the optimal solution for every customer.


SystematIC circuit designs have contributed to products for consumer markets, for automotive markets, for industrial markets and for research projects (space). We are aware of the difference in product requirements for these different markets and can adapt to specific customer requirements.

Application areas

SystematIC focuses on the design of high performance analog and mixed-mode electronics. This has resulted in numerous successful designs in the areas of Sensor readout and of Power conversion.

SystematIC developed IC designs to sense and process signals in the magnetic, electrical, optical and thermal domain. Applications are found in sensing movement and rotation, sensing electrical currents, in fiber optic communication, optical disc readout, radiation detection, and in temperature sensing and guarding.

In power conversion, SystematIC realized numerous designs of controller IC’s, addressing step-up (boost) and step-down (buck), synchronous, flyback and resonant conversion. Applications range from LED drivers to Power adapters and chargers, and several voltage and power ranges. Many of our designs are currently applied in mass produced ICs.

IC developments for application in other areas are also addressed (see Cases).


SystematIC has design experience in a wide variety of process technologies such as SiGe, Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS and BCD, ranging from high-voltage micron-scale to sub-micron low-voltage. This flexibility allows us to rapidly engage in a new design while spending minimal time learning the details of a particular process technology. The focus is on the design possibilities given the process options and limitations. Our extensive experience gives us a wide array of circuit technologies with which to solve particular design challenge in a given process technology. It also helps us to guide customers in the selection of the best suitable process.


The essential toolkit of analog IC design is the knowledge and understanding of circuits and systems. Software programs help to improve this understanding and to verify circuit behavior for process and condition variations. SystematIC engineers have learned to adapt to several design flow tools for circuit drawing, simulation, IC layout and verification. Those include the industry-standard design flow of Cadence, and also Mentor tools (Calibre), as well as numerous other design programs for analog mixed-signal (PspiceAD, Spectre, Verilog-AMS, Pstar) for digital circuit design (Verilog, VHDL) and for Printed Circuit Board designs (Altium).


Deliverables that we provide to customers range from feasibility reports, circuit topologies, to the full ‘IC development package’ including design database, mask sets, engineering samples, sample boards (PCB), or application testboards. The supply chain to IC production can be managed in cooperation with professional and qualified partners.


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