• SystematIC development team in Eindhoven

    Friday January 17 2014 - 15:20 link
    SystematIC started the year 2014 with an expansion of the IC design and development forces: a new team in Eindhoven is now up and running.

    The new team holds offices in the Eindhoven Twinning center and consists of experienced electrical engineers with a strong knowledge in power conversion and related controller IC designs. The experience of the team in bringing IC designs to mass production is valuable to SystematIC and its customers. SystematIC includes validation, test and application support in the IC design services it provides. The team will cooperate closely with the design engineers at the headquarters in Delft on running and future IC design projects. These concern a diversity of sensor-readout and power conversion applications. From low-volume space-technology to high-volume consumer products, and from feasibility study to turn-key IC developments, SystematIC provides first-rate tailor-made electronics solutions.

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