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  • Current Sensor

    Current Sensor The design of this current sensor is a typical IC design project at SystematIC. It concerned the design, simulation and evaluation of a complete IC for a semiconductor manufacturer. For this current sensor, the basic principle is based on the conversion of the current through a (small) external resistor into a voltage. The differential voltage to be measured is very small (micro- to milli Volt range).

    The main function of the IC is to measure high-side currents (up to 4.5 V, irrespective of the supply voltage, ranging from 1.8 – 4.5 V). An advanced floating measurement circuit was developed which is insensitive to the common-mode level. Sense current range was targeted at 1 mA-1000 mA when using a 10 mOhm resistor. Exact specifications were defined during the design in collaboration with the customer, which made it possible to implement the functionalities that were optimal for the application development of the end-customer. SystematIC proved to manage the design trajectory despite uncertainties in the specifications, and provided useful contributions to developing the specification that suits the final product and application. The design included analog amplification, signal correction, analog-to-digital conversion and a digital bus-interface. SystematIC realized the complete IC design in a very short time span. The first silicon proved to be fully functional, which quickly opened up test opportunities at the end-customer. SystematIC provided assistance in the measurements and evaluation and in optimizing the design for production.


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